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Introduction and Format

The F.A.W. Invitation Cup was founded in 1997 as an attempt to bring together the premier teams in Wales, after the teams playing in the English pyramid had been excluded from the Welsh Cup. The F.A.W., with support from the BBC, instigated the competition which included the 3 football league clubs, Merthyr Tydfil from the Southern League, and 4 League of Wales clubs. This has since been increased to 16 teams by the addition of more from the Welsh Premier League (formerly League of Wales).

The competition used to start clubs being split into groups of four, with the higher finishing clubs moving forward to a knock-out stage. Recently, some clubs have been exempt from the group stage and been given automatic passage to the Quarter Finals. From the QF stage, the competition proceeds as a knock-out (in some seasons, the Semi-Finals have been contested over two legs). From the 2004-05 season, the competition was again expanded, this time to 16 clubs on a knock-out basis.

After the first season, the competition was renamed the F.A.W. Premier Cup

After the BBC withdrew their support, the competition ceased in 2008

F.A.W. Premier Cup Winners and Runners-up, 1997 to 2008

Season Winner Runner-up Result In FCHD
1997-98 Wrexham Cardiff City 2-1 All
1998-99 Barry Town Wrexham 2-1 All
1999-00 Wrexham Cardiff City 2-0 All
2000-01 Wrexham Swansea City 2-0 All
2001-02 Cardiff City Swansea City 1-0 All
2002-03 Wrexham Newport County 6-1 All
2003-04 Wrexham Rhyl 4-1 All
2004-05 Swansea City Wrexham 2-1 All
2005-06 Swansea City Wrexham 2-1 All
2006-07 The New Saints Newport County 1-0 All
2007-08 Newport County Llanelli 1-0 All

Summary of winners

5. Wrexham
2. Swansea City
1. Barry Town, Cardiff City, Newport County, The New Saints

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