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The Wearside Combination was formed in 1945 from the pre-war Sunderland & Distict Nonformist & Brotherhood League. It ceased to exist in 2015 when it merged with the Durham Alliance to form the Durham Alliance Combination.


Recent Champions (incomplete list)

Season Premier Division Division One
1984-85 Houghton Buffs Dicksons Pork Shop
1985-86 Dicksons Pork Shop Commercial Road WMC
1986-87 Whitbread Schooner Southwick CA
1987-88 Charltons PWD Rowell's Furniture
1988-89 Town End Farm United Shipwright Arms
1989-90 Charltons PWD Silksworth Wynard
1990-91 Southwick CFC Flo-Gas RJ Carpets
1991-92 Howards Southwick CEC Cabplant Royal Mail
1992-93 Cabplant Royal Mail Alfie Shaw Decorators
1993-94 Ryhope Top House Town Farm Athletic
1994-95 Ryhope Sea View Grove Europe
1995-96 Red House WMC Saltgrass
1996-97 Railway Tavern Aquatic Sports
1997-98 Belford House res Thorney Close YC
1998-99 Town End Farm Athletic Downhill Institute
1999-00 Belford House res Southwick Hogan's
2000-01 Belford House res Voyager Foods
2001-02 Hendon Grange Nissan res
2002-03 Gate Mountain Daisy
2003-04 Hendon Grange The Dolphin
2004-05 TWR Trade Frames The Cauld Lad
2005-06 TWR Trade Frames The Dagmar
2006-07 The Dagmar Sportsman Arms
2007-08 Redhouse Fulwell Blue Bell
2008-09 Jolly Potter Hylton CW
2009-10 Sunderland Jolly Potter Washington Cricket & Football Club
2010-11 Sunderland West End * Sunderland Thorney Close Inn
2011-12 Sunderland Farringdon Dolphin Wearside Wildcats
2012-13 Sunderland Hendon Sunderland Alexandra *

The league ran only a single section from 2013.

Season Champions
2013-14 Sunderland Hendon
2014-15 Sunderland Hendon

Note: An asterisk after the team name in the above tables denote the title was won after a play-off.


The F.C.H.D. does not have the complete final table information for this league.

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