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The league was formed in 1999 from teams that used to members of Newcastle University's internal league.


In 2019, this league merged with the North Northumberland League to form the North East Combination.


Recent Divisional Champions (Incomplete)

Season Division One Division Two
2003-04 Gosforth Bohemians "A" Outer Milan
2004-05 Chemfica "A" Newbiggin Hall
2005-06 Newcastle City Gosforth Bohemians "B"
2006-07 Rutherford reserves Pin Point Cowgate
2007-08 Chemfica "A" Cramlington Blue Star
2008-09 Washington Cricket Club Benwell Hill

In 2009, the league was reduced to a single section.

Season Champions
2009-10 Chemfica "A"

After just one season, the league reverted to a two-division format.

Season Division One Division Two
2010-11 North Shields Town Blakelaw Club
2011-12 Westerhope Wanderers Kenton Bar Community
2012-13 Westerhope Wanderers North East Athletic
2013-14 Seghill Dynamo Fenham
2014-15 Gateshead Rutherford "A" New York
2015-16 New York N E A H'n'R
2016-17 New York Newcastle University reserves
2017-18 Newcastle University reserves Walker Central

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