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Southern Professional Floodlit Cup


Introduction and Format

The Southern Professional Floodlit Cup served as a pre-cursor to the Football League cup, a mainly mid-week knock-out trophy played for by the professional clubs of (primarily) the South East of England

The cup was a straight knock-out tournament for its entire history, all ties being decided over single matches with replays if necessary. No neutral grounds were used for semi-finals or finals.


Southern Professional Floodlit Cup Winners and Runner-up, 1955 to 1960

Season Winner Runner-up Result In FCHD
1955-56 West Ham United Aldershot 2-1 None
1956-57 Luton Town Reading 2-1 None
1957-58 Portsmouth Reading 2-0 None
1958-59 Arsenal Crystal Palace 2-0 None
1959-60 Coventry City West Ham United 2-1 None

Summary of winners

1. Arsenal, Coventry City, Luton Town, Portsmouth, West Ham United

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