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Recent Divisional Champions

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three Division Four
1990-91 Newburgh United Hindley Green Parish Hare Ashworth Wigan Rovers reserves
1991-92 Promex Bethel St Jude's Eemtrans Norley Hall Hindley United Standish St Wilfrid's Youth

In 1992, Division Four was disbanded.

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three
1992-93 Bethel Hare Hindley United Ince Parish OB
1993-94 Hindley Town Hindley United Ince Parish OB Ashworth OB
1994-95 Grange Abram Ashworth OB Ormskirk
1995-96 Hindley Town Pemberton Miners Cambridge Mount
1996-97 Shevington Ashworth Park Lane Ormskirk Hawkley Brook
1997-98 Winstanley St Aidan's Westleigh Village Downall Green United Market
1998-99 Hindley Green Whelley Hawkley Brook Wigan Rovers reserves
1999-00 Winstanley St Aidan's Wigan Rovers Springfield Douglas Valley

Division Three was dropped in 2000.

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two
2000-01 Highfield Cambridge Winstanley St Aidan's
2001-02 Highfield Bickerstaffe Siddow Common
2002-03 Winstanley St Aidan's Siddow Common Aspull JFC
2003-04 Winstanley St Aidan's Howe Bridge Mills Winstanley St Aidan's reserves
2004-05 Howe Bridge Mills Leigh Phoenix Hindley Town reserves
2005-06 Winstanley St Aidan's Springfield Bickerstaffe
2006-07 Winstanley St Aidan's Digmoor Digmoor reserves
2007-08 Newburgh United Digmoor reserves Upholland
2008-09 Newburgh United Bickerstaffe Ince

In 2009, Division Three was re-instated.

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three
2009-10 Winstanley St Aidan's Gidlow Athletic Farnworth Town Newburgh United reserves
2010-11 Winstanley St Aidan's Ince Orrell Holy Family
2011-12 Winstanley St Aidan's Orrell Bel Air Foundry reserves
2012-13 Winstanley St Aidan's Bel Air Bickerstaffe reserves Ashton Villa
2013-14 Standish St Wilfrid's St Jude's Digmoor reserves Hurlston Hall
2014-15 Newburgh Harrock United Ormskirk West End Mitch Atherleigh United
2015-16 Winstanley St Aidan's Digmoor Leigh Rangers HMP Hindley
2016-17 Winstanley St Aidan's Higher Ince Rainford United Pemberton Athletic
2017-18 Winstanley St Aidan's Rainford United North Walkden Sutton Junction reserves

Division Three was dropped again in 2018.

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two
2018-19 Newburgh Harrock United Digmoor Whelley

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