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The West End (London) AFA also runs Sunday divisions, which are outside the scope of the FCHD.


Recent Champions (Incomplete list)

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two
2005-06 Primrose Hill The Sevenths "A" AGBLC
2006-07 Primrose Hill CPLP United Olympic Waterloo
2007-08 Arian AFC Angel Birkbeck College
2008-09 Racing Chiswick Shooting Stars Inter Markfield
2009-10 Primrose Hill Earlsberg Eagles Hub Athletic
2010-11 Arian North Acton Cambridge Heath
2011-12 Yalova reserves IB Albion Primrose Hill "A"
2012-13 IB Albion AFC NUFC Oilers Viva Capri
2013-14 Earlsberg Eagles ? ?
2014-15 IB Albion Bishops Park Spiders From Mars

Division Two was dropped in 2015.

Season Premier Division Division One
2015-16 IB Albion Atholl 1965
2016-17 North Acton "A" Sporting Club de Londres

From 2017, the league ran only a single section.

Season Champions

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