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Wensleydale League

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The Wensleydale League covers the picturesque but sparsely populated area around Richmond in North Yorkshire. It has one of the longest running sponsorship deals in non-league football, being entitled the Wensleydale Creamery League.

Recent Divisional Champions

Season Champions
2003-04 Carperby Rovers
2004-05 Middleham Town
2005-06 Leyburn United
2006-07 Bowes
2007-08 Bowes
2008-09 Bowes
2009-10 Bowes
2010-11 Colburn Town
2011-12 Richmond Academy
2012-13 Unicorn
2013-14 Hawes United
2014-15 Catterick Garrison Football Centre
2015-16 Richmond Mavericks
2016-17 Richmond Mavericks
2017-18 Colburn Town

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