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Founded in 1949, the Tyneside Amateur League dropped down to having only one division in 2014.


Recent Divisional Champions

Season Division One Division Two
2002-03 Felling Greyhound Willington Quay Saints
2003-04 Winlaton Vulcan Inn The Bush Wallsend
2004-05 Winlaton Vulcan Inn Ryton reserves
2005-06 Winlaton Vulcan Inn Blyth Town reserves
2006-07 Winlaton Vulcan Inn Forest Hall
2007-08 Forest Hall Killingworth YPC Town
2008-09 Killingworth YPC Town Blakelaw Crofters Lodge
2009-10 Winlaton Vulcan Inn Whickham Lang Jacks
2010-11 Whickham Lang Jacks Blyth Isabella
2011-12 West Jesmond Winlaton Queens Head
2012-13 New York Chopwell
2013-14 Lindisfarne Custom Planet Hazlerigg Victory

In 2014, the two divisions were merged.

Season Champions
2014-15 Hazlerigg Victory
2015-16 Bridlington Juniors
2016-17 Ponteland United reserves
2017-18 Stobswood Welfare

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