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The Tonbridge & District League League disbanded in 2017 after the membership dwindled. Most of the remaining clubs joined the Sevenoaks & District League.


Recent Divisional Champions

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three
1983-84 Spartak Chiddingstone Tonbridge Ramblers Lord Cornwallis
1984-85 High Brooms Casuals Hildenborough NPI Tonbridge Printers
1985-86 Spartak NPI Lord Cornwallis Rotherfield reserves
1986-87 Spartak Paddock Wood reserves Exallprint Colts 85
1987-88 Spartak Rawsons Trucks Colts 85 Brenchley Wanderers
1988-89 Spartak Pembury Penshurst Park Tonbridge Ramblers
1989-90 Spartak Rotherfield Barden Park Colts 85 reserves
1990-91 Spartak Whitefriars Edenbridge United reserves Woodlands
1991-92 Gala Edenbridge United Goudhurst United Town Malling United reserves
1992-93 Hawkenbury Dowgate Bayham Sports Hawkenbury reserves
1993-94 Pembury Woodlands Rusthall "A" Horsmonden Sports reserves
1994-95 Mastercolour High Brooms Casuals Atcost Dowgate reserves
1995-96 Brenchley Wanderers Horsmonden Sports Dowgate reserves Culverden
1996-97 Brenchley Wanderers Penshurst Park Culverden Tonbridge Jays
1997-98 Pembury Culverden Pembury reserves Chiddingstone reserves
1998-99 Atcost Capel Sports & Social Mastercolour reserves Horsmonden Sports reserves
1999-00 Town Malling United Barden Cardinals Southborough reserves Penshurst Park reserves
2000-01 Woodlands Pembury reserves Brenchley Wanderers Rusthall "A"
2001-02 Woodlands Tonbridge Rangers Rusthall "A" Tunbridge Wells United
2002-03 Rusthall reserves Rusthall "A" Ramblers reserves Mack United
2003-04 Woodlands Edenbridge United Penshurst Park Langton Green
2004-05 Woodlands Brenchley Wanderers Southborough reserves Horsmonden Sports reserves
2005-06 Hawkenbury Roselands Hadlow Rangers Railway Bell 05

Division Three was disbanded in 2006.

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two
2006-07 Rusthall reserves Railway Bell 05 Blackham & Ashurst
2007-08 Hawkenbury Tonbridge Invicta reserves East Peckham Juniors

In 2008, Division Three was re-instated.

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three
2008-09 Hawkenbury Eden Rangers Insulators Rusthall "B"

Division Three was dropped for good in 2009.

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two
2009-10 Hadlow Evolution AFC Valour Penshurst Park
2010-11 Southborough Penshurst Park Tonbridge Invicta "A"
2011-12 Southborough High Brooms Casuals reserves Swan (Edenbridge) reserves
2012-13 Southborough Paddock Wood Woodlands reserves
2013-14 Pembury Penshurst Park Leigh
2014-15 Woodlands Tonbridge Athletic Rusthall "A"

In 2015, Division Two was disbanded.

Season Premier Division Division One
2015-16 Tonbridge Invicta Leigh

For its final season, the league ran with only one section.

Season Champions
2016-17 Dowgate

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