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The Swindon & District League was formed in 1892 and currently (as of 2017-18) runs two divisions.


Recent Divisional Champions

Season Premier Division Division One
1999-00 AFC Dolphin Swindon Eagles
2000-01 County Ground Fusion Coleview
2001-02 County Ground Bulldog
2002-03 147 Club Queenstown
2003-04 Zurich County Ground reserves
2004-05 Windmill Shield & Dagger
2005-06 Shield & Dagger The Merlin
2006-07 Queensfield Fratellos
2007-08 Rodboune Arms Bulldog
2008-09 Fratellos Pinehurst Athletic
2009-10 Queensfield Crumpled Horn

The two divisions were merged in 2010.

Season Champions
2010-11 Queensfield
2011-12 Fratellos

In 2012, the two division format was re-established.

Season Premier Division Division One
2012-13 Fratellos Old Town United
2013-14 Fratellos Lower Stratton
2014-15 Avtar Construction KS Miltax
2015-16 Tawny Owl Swindon Spitfires
2016-17 Tawny Owl Sport 4 Pinehurst

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