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The South Western League was a league that existed for over 50 years for clubs in Devon and Cornwall. It consisted of a single division for it's entire existence, and merged in 2007 with the Devon County League to form the South West Peninsula League.


The 12 founder members of the league were 7 from Cornwall, 5 from Devon but as the league developed, the Cornish membership began to dominate. After the first two seasons, every League Champion came from West of the Tamar


All three of Devon's Football League sides used the South Western League for reserve/"A" teams, as did Barnstaple Town, Bideford, Ilfracombe Town and St Luke's College (all from the Western League), for short periods. The last reserve side left in 1988, and for the next 18 years of its existence the league consisted solely of first teams. Plymouth Argyle added an "A" team into the league for the final season, 2006-07.


Plymouth Command, a team from the Royal Navy, had to resign from the league partway through the 1981-82 season as the bulk of their team had been called on to active service defending the Falkland Islands. They were re-admitted the following season.


Sixteen different South Western League teams entered the F.A. Cup, but only one made it past the Qualifying Competition to the First Round Proper. Falmouth Town managed the feat on three occasions, 1962-63, 1967-68 and 1969-70. On each occasion, Falmouth came up against Football League opposition and were beaten at the First Round stage. They remain the only Cornish club to make the comeptition proper.


A few of the stronger South Western League sides played in the early years of the F.A. Trophy, with Falmouth Town in 1973-74 and St Blazey in 1970-71 both making it through the Qualifying Rounds to the First Round Proper. Since the formation of the F.A. Vase, South Western League clubs were switched to that competition. Several clubs made frequent deep runs, with the best performances coming from Falmouth Town in 1986-87 and Porthleven in 1997-98, both teams making the Quarter Finals.


League Champions

Season Champions
1951-52 Torquay United reserves
1952-53 Torquay United reseves
1953-54 Saltash United
1954-55 St Blazey
1955-56 Penzance
1956-57 Penzance
1957-58 St Blazey
1958-59 Newquay
1959-60 Newquay
1960-61 Truro City
1961-62 Falmouth Town
1962-63 St Blazey
1963-64 St Blazey
1964-65 Torpoint Athletic
1965-66 Falmouth Town
1966-67 Torpoint Athletic
1967-68 Falmouth Town
1968-69 St Austell
1969-70 Truro City
1970-71 Falmouth Town
1971-72 Falmouth Town
1972-73 Falmouth Town
1973-74 Falmouth Town
1974-75 Penzance
1975-76 Saltash United
1976-77 Liskeard Athletic
1977-78 Newquay
1978-79 Liskeard Athletic
1979-80 Newquay
1980-81 St Blazey
1981-82 Newquay
1982-83 St Blazey
1983-84 Newquay
1984-85 Bugle
1985-86 Falmouth Town
1986-87 Falmouth Town
1987-88 Newquay
1988-89 Falmouth Town
1989-90 Falmouth Town
1990-91 Bodmin Town
1991-92 Falmouth Town
1992-93 Truro City
1993-94 Bodmin Town
1994-95 Launceston
1995-96 Truro City
1996-97 Falmouth Town
1997-98 Truro City
1998-99 St Blazey
1999-00 Falmouth Town
2000-01 St Blazey
2001-02 St Blazey
2002-03 St Blazey
2003-04 St Blazey
2004-05 St Blazey
2005-06 Bodmin Town
2006-07 St Blazey

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The F.C.H.D. has the complete set of final tables for this league. Tables from 1985-86 to 2006-07 were collated at the time from contemporary sources, while earlier ones were originally derived from back copies of the Cornish Guardian newspaper, later checked against the Newquay F.C. Centenary book. They were most recently published as a complete set in xxx. One table, that for 1975-76, still is 20 goals out of balance

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