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Founded in 1898, the Scarborough & District League has been remarkbly stable in recent decades, running a three division structure from at least 1978, until 2018 when it had to drop to two.


Recent Divisional Champions (Incomplete list)

Season Division One Division Two Division Three
1978-79 Fishburn Park Pickering Town reserves Edgehill reserves
1979-80 Pickering Town reserves South Cliff South Cliff reserves
1980-81 Edgehill Whitby Albion Rangers Sherburn reserves
1981-82 Eastfield Edgehill reserves AFC Northway
1982-83 Edgehill Hunmanby United Thornton Dale
1983-84 Edgehill Whitby Albion Rangers Filey Tow reserves
1984-85 Eastfield Canton Rangers Wreyfield
1985-86 Tennyson United Scarborians Sleights
1986-87 Edgehill Sleights Ayton
1987-88 Edgehill Edgehill reserves Cayton reserves
1988-89 Edgehill Mermaid Rillington Athletic
1989-90 Filey Town Eastfield reserves West Pier reserves
1990-91 Filey Town Edgehill reserves Barrowcliff
1991-92 Filey Town Rillington Athletic Filey Town reserves
1992-93 Filey Town Filey Town reserves Malton Bacon Factory
1993-94 Edgehill Sleights FC Aberdeen
1994-95 Filey Town Eastfield reserves Equestrian
1995-96 Wards Ryedale Sports FC Ivanhoe
1996-97 Edgehill Rillington Athletic Wards reserves
1997-98 Edgehill Sleights Newlands Park
1998-99 Edgehill Hunmanby United Cayton reserves
1999-00 Edgehill Barrowcliffe Cayton reserves
2000-01 Filey Town Eastfield reserves Hunmanby United reserves
2001-02 Filey Town Edgehill reserves McCains
2002-03 Edgehill Edgehill reserves Whitby Albion Rangers
2003-04 Edgehill Whitby Albion Rangers Newcastle Packet
2004-05 Kirkbymoorside FC Rosette Duchess
2005-06 Eastfield Edgehill reserves Eastfield Hotel
2006-07 Edgehill Fishburn Park Heslerton
2007-08 Eastfield Burniston Seamer Sports
2008-09 West Pier Ayton Westover Wasps
2009-10 Eastfield Westover Wasps West Pier reserves
2010-11 Edgehill Ryedale Sports Whitby Fishermen
2011-12 West Pier Whitby Fishermen Falsgrave
2012-13 West Pier Filey Town reserves FC Soba
2013-14 Newlands Park Edgehill reserves Whitby RUFC
2014-15 Newlands Park Filey Town reserves Seamer Sports reserves
2015-16 West Pier Newlands Park reserves FC Rosette
2016-17 West Pier Filey Town reserves Itis Itis Rovers
2017-18 West Pier Itis Itis Rovers Edgehill reserves

Division Three was dropped in 2018.

Season Division One Division Two
2018-19 Edgehill Edgehill reserves

The F.C.H.D. does not have the complete final table information for this league

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