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The North Regional League was formed in 1958 as a reserve league for Football League teams in the North of England. After being formed with 19 members, and reaching a maximum of 22 teams in its second season, numbers quickly began to decline, and by the final season, 1968-69 only 4 teams competed.

While the membership consisted mainly of reserve teams, a few first teams were admitted in an attempt to boost numbers, 2 of these (Gateshead and South Shields) were among those teams that lifted the championship.



The league consisted of a single division for its entire existence

1958-59Middlesbrough reserves
1959-60Middlesbrough reserves
1960-61Middlesbrough reserves
1961-62Middlesbrough reserves
1962-63Rotherham United reserves
1964-65Hull City reserves
1965-66Hull City reserves
1966-67South Shields
1967-68Hull City reserves
1968-69Sunderland reserves

The F.C.H.D. has the full set of final tables for this league, but a number of them (those highlighted in blue above), do not balance.

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