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This league, which once had five divisions and as recently as 2003-04 had three, was reduced to a single division for the 2016-17 season.


The area covered was a 35-mile radius of Northampton Town Centre.


Recent Champions (Incomplete list)

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three
1990-91 Rosebery Rangers St George's Cedo Challenge Rosebery Rangers reserves
1991-92 Rosebery Rangers Pitsford Eagles reserves Crusaders reserves Duston United reserves
1992-93 Pitsford Eagles Pitsford Eagles reserves Foundry Generals reserves British Timken "A"
1993-94 Pitsford Eagles Timken Duston Bective Wanderers reserves Strollers
1994-95 Bective Wanderers Foundry Generals Strollers  
1995-96 Queen Eleanor Pitsford Eagles reserves SPA Bective Wanderers "A"

Division Three was dropped in 1996.

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two
1996-97 Bective Wanderers Rosebery Rangers Airflow
1997-98 Rosebery Rangers Delapre OB Bective Wanderers "A"
1998-99 Bective Wanderers Queens Park WMC Artizan
1999-00 Bective Wanderers Queen Eleanor reserves North Star
2000-01 Queen Eleanor Duston United Kings Heath United
2001-02 Crusaders University College Northampton Kingsthrope Wanderers
2002-03 Crusaders Bective Wanderers reserves AC Kingsthorpe
2003-04 University College Queen Eleanor reserves Daventry Ford Sports "A"

In 2005, Division Two was dropped.

Season Premier Division Division One
2004-05 Airflow TWS
2005-06 University College Airflow
2006-07 Duston United Asda George
2007-08 Harlequins Cotton Hill
2008-09 Cotton Hill Ashley Rovers
2009-10 Harlequins AFC Wombles
2010-11 Harlequins Mereway United
2011-12 Delapre Old Boys SPA

The league was reduced to a single division in 2012.

Season Champions
2012-13 Delapre Old Boys
2013-14 Delapre Old Boys
2014-15 Delapre Old Boys
2015-16 Sporting Bat & Wickets
2016-17 Liberty Stars
2017-18 Blisworth Youth

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