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The Mid-Somerset League was formed in 1950, after a previous league of the same name folded in 1947.

As of 2018-19, the league is made up of 4 divisions


Recent Champions (Incomplete list)

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three
1993-94 Mells & Vobster United Coleford Athletic Peasedown MYCOR reserves Waterside Sports
1994-95 Frome Collegians Peasedown MYCOR reserves Purnells Sports Farrington Gurney
1995-96 Mells & Vobster United Stoke Rovers Norton Hill Rangers Wookey
1996-97 Frome Sportshouse Littleton Sports Wookey Peasedown Athletic "B"
1997-98 Mells & Vobster United Pilton United Farrington Gurney Clutton reserves
1998-99 Pilton United Chilcompton Interhouse Inveresk
1999-00 Chilcompton Pensford Inveresk Timsbury Athletic "A"
2000-01 Coleford Athletic Inveresk Welton Arsenal Stoke Rovers reserves
2001-02 Meadow Rangers Littleton Sports Littleton Sports reserves Wookey
2002-03 Coleford Athletic Littleton Sports reserves Peasedown St John Rovers Westfield
2003-04 Coleford Athletic Radstock Town reserves Westfield Frome Town Sports reserves
2004-05 Meadow Rangers Wookey Purnells Sports Purnells Sports reserves
2005-06 Meadow Rangers Purnells Sports Pensford Mells & Vobster United reserves
2006-07 Purnells Sports Pensford Purnells Sports reserves Coleford Athletic reserves
2007-08 Westfield Wookey Westfield reserves Pilton United
2008-09 Purnells Sports Farrington Gurney Pilton United Wookey reserves
2009-10 Meadow Rangers Pilton United Meadow Rangers reserves Westfield "A"
2010-11 Meadow Rangers Welton Arsenal Interhound Camerton Athletic
2011-12 Meadow Rangers Frome Town Sports Pensford Frome Town Sports reserves
2012-13 Chilcompton Sports Pensford Camerton Athletic Westhill Sports
2013-14 Frome Town Sports Stoke Rovers Peasedown Athletic reserves Baltonsborough
2014-15 Coleford Athletic Radstock Town "A" Baltonsborough Victoria Sports
2015-16 Coleford Athletic Purnell Sports reserves Tunley Athletic reserves Peasedown Albion
2016-17 Coleford Athletic Victoria Sports Peasedown Albion Peasedown Albion reserves
2017-18 Frome Collegians Bath Villa Evercreech Rovers Weston
2018-19 Frome Collegians Peasedown Albion reserves Wessex Mendip Rangers

Champions before 2008 are sourced from the leagues article on Wikipedia.


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