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As the name suggests, this league caters for teams in and around the city of Leicester.


Recent Divisional Champions (incomplete list)

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Reserve Premier Division Reserve Division One
2002-03 Rothley Imps Spinney Hill Stoke Golding Barlestone St Giles reserves HM Sports reserves
2003-04 HM Sports Welby Lane United Desford Cosby United reserves Stoke Golding reserves
2004-05 Lutterworth Athletic Desford Blaby United Belgrave Blackbird reserves Mountsorrel Amateurs reserves
2005-06 Cosby United FC Kirkland Mountsorrel Amateurs FC Kirkland reserves Oakham Imperial reserves
2006-07 Dunton & Broughton St Patricks Melton Mowbray Glenfield Town reserves St Patricks reserves
2007-08 Barlestone St Giles County Hall Midland Syston St Peters Glenfield Town reserves Thurnby United reserves
2008-09 Desford Kingsway Rangers Thurnby United Cosby United reserves Birstall RBL reserves
2009-10 Belgrave Guru Nanak Gurdwara Newbold Verdon Guru Nanak Gurdwara reserves Kingsway Rangers reserves
2010-11 Blaby United Thurnby United Allexton & New Parks Cosby United reserves Allexton & New Parks reserves
2011-12 Thurnby United Braders Northfield Emerald Allexton & New Parks reserves Aylestone Lounge reserves

In 2012, the reserve divisions were abolished and a Division Three added instead.

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three
2012-13 Houghton Rangers Beaumont Town Oadby Boys Club 73 Glenfield Town reserves
2013-14 Braders NKF Burbage Whetstone Athletic Cosby United reserves
2014-15 Cosby United Queniborough Thurnby Valley Birstall RBL reserves
2015-16 County Hall Thurnby Rangers Birstall RBL reserves Studs
2016-17 Thurnby Rangers Birstall RBL Dunton & Broughton United reserves North Kilworth reserves
2017-18 Cosby United Northfield Emerald 2013 North Kilworth reserves Leicester Three Lions reserves

The F.C.H.D. does not have the complete final table information for this league.

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