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Founded after World War One, the Ilford & District merged in 2014 with the Essex Business Houses League to form the Essex Alliance.


Recent Divisional Champions (Incomplete list)

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three
1960-61 St Edmunds Bishopsgate Pirie Appleton Saxton
1961-62 Hainault Rangers Loughton Amateurs Roding Rangers Debden Sports reserves
1962-63 Hainault Rangers Prides Woodstone Highway Sports
1963-64 Prides Queens Abridge Cranbrook Rovers
1964-65 Roding Rangers Debden Sports reserves Hampshire Sports Roding Rangers reserves
1965-66 Prides Hampshire Sports Loughton Town Manford Way reserves
1966-67 Snaresbrook Old Clarkonians Manford Way reserves Wiggins Teape
1967-68 Ilford Catholic Elmbridge Wiggins Teape Ilford Corinthians
1968-69 Snaresbrook Bishopsgate Fairlop Youth Snaresbrook reserves
1969-70 Snaresbrook Pirie Appleton Caterham Borough B
1970-71 Goodmayes Hospital Caterham Tower Hamlets Mayfield
1971-72 Border Rangers Debden Sports Mayfield Albion
1972-73 Debden Sports Mayfield Manford Way Mayfield reserves
1973-74 Buckhurst Hill Defiant Buckhurst Hill reserves Toby Royals
1974-75 Ship Carbon Melbourne Sports Manford Way reserves Kingswood
1975-76 Frenford Senior Hainault Wanderers Normeade Warren United reserves
1976-77 Warren Stanford (Woodford) Leanda San Remo
1977-78 Caribbean Int Ilford Legion San Remo Telex
1978-79 Caribbean Int New Campbell British India Yewlands Eng
1979-80 Caribbean Int British India Park West Barking Borough reserves

For the 198081 season the Senior Division was introduced

Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three Senior Division
1980-81 Newtown Wesley Forest Gate Wanderers Seven Kings reserves Newmont "B" Manford Way
1981-82 Abyssinian Newmont B Unicorn Newtown Wesley reserves Caribbean Int reserves
1982-83 Leytonstone United St Francis Socomex Hainault WMC Newmont Travel
1983-84 Socomex Hainault WMC Frenford Newham Primary reserves Caribbean Int reserves
1984-85 Hainault WMC Downshall Chigwell Leytonstone United A St Francis
1985-86 Kingswood reserves Newham NALGO Hainault WMC reserves Cranbrook (DAG) St Francis
1986-87 Hainault WMC Westill Cranbrook (DAG) HO Rangers Melbourne Sports

After the 198687 season the Senior Division was replaced with Division Four

Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three Division Four
1987-88 Westill FC Lamont Downshall FC Lamont reserves Melbourne Sports "A"
1988-89 Westill Downshall Shadbolt Colbrook Lakeview
1989-90 Westill Lakeview Barking Borough Rougvie Rovers Leytonstone United "B"
1990-91 West Essex Reivers Hainault Rangers Canning Town "A" Chigwell Old Boys
1991-92 Lamont Glendale Blumson Chingford Mount reserves Avondale United
1992-93 West Essex Chigwell Westill reserves West Essex reserves Durning
1993-94 St Francis Westill reserves Canning Town "A" Frenford Hammers
1994-95 AC Milla Canning Town A Daytona Athletic Valentines William Fitt
1995-96 Melbourne Sports Daytona Athletic Castle United William Fitt Melbourne Sports "A"

After the 199596 season Division Four was scrapped. Division Three was operated off and on over the rest of the league's existence

Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three
1996-97 Beckton Town Wheelers A Border Rangers Swan OP
1997-98 Wheelers Melbourne Sports reserves Swan OP Gooseley Athletic
1998-99 Ryan Maidonians Frenford reserves West Green United reserves
1999-00 East Ham Baptist Ascot United Edgeguard Gooseley Athletic
2000-01 East Ham Baptist Swan OP Romford Town Ryan reserves
2001-02 St Francis Loughton AFC Kings Newtown Wesley reserves
2002-03 Memorial Sports All Hallows St Vincent Ryan "A" no Div 3
2003-04 Ryan Clayhall AFC Kings Academy no Div 3
2004-05 Clapton reserves Leytonstone East London Celtic Titans United
2005-06 St Francis AC Leyton PF London & Essex Castle United
2006-07 Galatasaray (UK) Titans United Castle United Glendale
2007-08 AFC Kings Cranes United Durning Midland
2008-09 Durning Redbridge Elite Forest United reserves no Div 3
2009-10 Castle United Glendale Castle United reserves no Div 3
2010-11 Chingford Athletic Enfield Elite AAH Romford no Div 3
2011-12 LOASS Ryan reserves DM United DM United reserves
2012-13 East London Academy AFC Kings Custom House no Div 3
2013-14 East Londoners Chingford Athletic Vittoriosa Falcons no Div 3

Champions from 2008-09 onwards were sourced from contemporary sources, those from before that date are taken from Wikipedia.


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