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Hope Valley Amateur League

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Formed in 1907, the league has (as of 2018-19) three divisions. The top division is known as the Premier Division but the lower divisions are, unusually, known as the A Division and the B Division.


Recent Divisional Champions (Incomplete list)

Season Premier Division A Division B Division
200809 Brampton Hayfield Tideswell United reserves
200910 Whaley Bridge Bakewell Town Peak Dale
201011 Whaley Bridge Holmesfield Youlgrave United
201112 Dove Holes Dronfield Woodhouse Chinley
201213 Bradwell Peak Dale Tideswell Blue Star
201314 Bradwell Dronfield Town "A" Bamford
201415 Bradwell Hathersage Baslow
2015-16 Bradwell Dronfield Old Boys Cote Heath
2016-17 Bakewell Town Cote Heath Bamford
2017-18 Bradwell Buxworth Stoney Middleton
2018-19 Furness Vale Fairfield Tansley

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