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Hope Valley Amateur League

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Formed in 1907, the league has (as of 2023-24) TWo divisions. The top division is known as the Premier Division but the lower division is, unusually, known as the A Division.


Recent Divisional Champions (Incomplete list)

Season Premier Division A Division B Division
2007-08 Brampton Grindleford Hayfield reserves
2008-09 Brampton Hayfield Tideswell United reserves
2009-10 Whaley Bridge Bakewell Town Peak Dale
2010-11 Whaley Bridge Holmesfield Youlgrave United
2011-12 Dove Holes Dronfield Woodhouse Chinley
2012-13 Bradwell Peak Dale Tideswell Blue Star
2013-14 Bradwell Dronfield Town "A" Bamford
2014-15 Bradwell Hathersage Baslow
2015-16 Bradwell Dronfield Old Boys Cote Heath
2016-17 Bakewell Town Cote Heath Bamford
2017-18 Bradwell Buxworth Stoney Middleton
2018-19 Furness Vale Fairfield Tansley
2019-20 Season declared null and void
2020-21 Season declared null and void
2021-22 Chapel Town Tideswell United Hayfield

In 2022, Division B was scrapped.

Season Premier Division A Division
2022-23 Furness Vale Chapel Town reserves

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