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The Priaulx League is the highest level of league based on the island of Guernsey. It was formed in the late 19th century and, due to the size of the island and its population, has never had a large number of clubs. For most of the period since the second World War, the constitution has been either 7 or 8 teams, playing each other three times


Below the Priaulx League, a second tier called the Jackson League is mainly made up of reserve teams of the Priaulx League, and there is a third tier (again mostly populated by sides from Priaulx League clubs) called the Railway League. There has often been a club from Alderney present in one of the lower tiers and for 2015-16 a side bearing the name of Herm Island joined the Railway League.


Some Guernsey clubs have tried their luck in mainland cups - Vale Recreation played 4 seasons in the FA Vase from 1987-91 (getting to the 4th Round in their first attempt) while St Martins did likewise a decade or so earlier, with their best attempt being reaching the Third Round in 1978-79. Several of the clubs have made guest appearances in English County Cups and there are a number of competitions where teams from Guernsey and Jersey meet competitively. Outside the Priaulx structure, a wider Guernsey club was formed in 2011 to play in the English pyramid, rising through the two divisions of the Combined Counties League at the first attempt and reaching the Isthmian League in 2013.


League Champions Since World War II

Season Champions
1946-47 Belgrave Wanderers
1947-48 Northerners
1948-49 Guernsey Rangers
1949-50 Guernsey Rangers
1950-51 Guernsey Rangers
1951-52 Guernsey Rangers
1952-53 Northerners
1953-54 Guernsey Rangers
1954-55 Guernsey Rangers
1955-56 Guernsey Rangers
1956-57 Northerners
1957-58 Guernsey Rangers
1958-59 Guernsey Rangers
1959-60 Belgrave Wanderers
1960-61 Northerners
1961-62 Northerners
1962-63 Northerners
1963-64 St Martins
1964-65 St Martins
1965-66 St Martins
1966-67 St Martins
1967-68 St Martins
1968-69 St Martins
1969-70 St Martins
1970-71 St Martins
1971-72 St Martins
1972-73 Vale Recreation
1973-74 Vale Recreation
1974-75 Vale Recreation
1975-76 Vale Recreation
1976-77 Vale Recreation
1977-78 Guernsey Rangers
1978-79 St Martins
1979-80 Guernsey Rangers
1980-81 Vale Recreation
1981-82 Vale Recreation
1982-83 Vale Recreation
1983-84 Vale Recreation
1984-85 St Martins
1985-86 Vale Recreation
1986-87 Vale Recreation
1987-88 Vale Recreation
1988-89 Vale Recreation
1989-90 Northerners
1990-91 Northerners
1991-92 Northerners
1992-93 Vale Recreation
1993-94 Sylvans
1994-95 Sylvans
1995-96 Sylvans
1996-97 Sylvans
1997-98 Sylvans
1998-99 Sylvans
1999-00 Sylvans
2000-01 Sylvans
2001-02 Sylvans
2002-03 Vale Recreation
2003-04 St Martins
2004-05 Sylvans
2005-06 Belgrave Wanderers
2006-07 Northerners
2007-08 Belgrave Wanderers
2008-09 Northerners
2009-10 Belgrave Wanderers
2010-11 St Martins
2011-12 Northerners
2012-13 Belgrave Wanderers
2013-14 Belgrave Wanderers
2014-15 Northerners
2015-16 Northerners
2016-17 Rovers
2017-18 Rovers
2018-19 St Martins
2019-20 Season declared null and void
2020-21 St Martins

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The F.C.H.D. does not have the complete set of final tables for this league, only tables from 1973 to date are available. Most of those are thanks to John Treleven, without whom this part of the site would not have been possible.

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