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Formed in 1902, the Driffield & District League currently (as of 2018-19) consists of just one division.


Recent Divisional Champions (incomplete list)

Season Premier Division Division One
2008-09 Driffield Evening Institute Hutton Cranswick United "A"

Division Two was added in 2009

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two
2009-10 Driffield Rangers reserves Bridlington Sports Club "A" Full Measure
2010-11 Driffield   Foresters Athletic reserves
2011-12   Flamborough Stirling Wanderers

In 2012, Division Two was dropped.

Season Premier Division Division One
2012-13 Bridlington Excelsior Mermaid United Old Boys
2013-14 Bridlington Rovers Driffield Town
2014-15 Bridlington Rovers Burton Agnes (Bluebell)
2015-16 Flamborough Driffield Star
2016-17 Burton Agnes Pocklington Town "B"

The league reduced to a single section from 2017.

Season Champions
2017-18 Telegraph
2018-19 Pocklington Town "B"
This league regularly leaves games outstanding at the end of the season. The latest table I have for 2010-11 Division One has Bridlington Snooker Centre at the top, but with games outstanding and Nafferton Old Boys still able to catch them, while we do not have a meaningful 2011-12 Premier Divison table at all.


The F.C.H.D. does not have the complete final table information for this league.


The league have posted some pages from a 1928-29 handbook with some winners from the late 20s shown - for 1926-27 Division 1/2/3 were won by Hutton Cranswick, North Dalton and North Dalton (presumably reserves) respectively while in 1927-8 the winners were Bridlington Excelsior, Harpham and Kilham.

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