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Formed in 1957 as the Dorset Combination, the Dorset Premier League is a single-division league covering the county of Dorset and adjoining areas, and is a feeder to the Wessex League. The league is a Regional Feeder League in the National League System.


Sponsors of the Dorset Premier League


The League was founded as the Dorset Combination in 1957

1957-58Swanage Town
1958-5015th Training Battallion RASC
1959-60Swanage Town
1960-61Swanage Town
1961-62Swanage Town
1962-63Parley Sports
1963-64Parley Sports
1964-65Parley Sports
1965-66Parley Sports
1966-67Parley Sports
1967-68Weymouth reserves
1968-69Weymouth reserves
1969-70Blandford United
1970-71Portland United
1971-72Parley Sports
1972-73Parley Sports
1973-74Parley Sports
1974-75Blandford United
1975-76Parley Sports
1976-77Hamworthy United
1977-78Flight Refuelling
1978-79Poole Town reserves
1979-80Parley Sports
1980-81Dorchester Town reservres
1981-82Sherborne Town
1982-83Blandford United
1983-84Parley Sports
1984-85Parley Sports
1989-90Weymouth reserves
1990-91Dorchester Town reserves
1991-92Blandford United
1992-93Westland Sports
1993-94Hamworthy Engineering
1994-95Hamworthy Engineering
1995-96Hamworthy Engineering
1997-98Sturminster Marshall
1998-99Portland United
1999-00Portland United
2000-01Hamworthy Recreation
2001-02Hamworthy Recreation

League changed name to Dorset Premier League in 2002

2002-03Hamworthy United
2003-04Hamworthy United
2004-05Hamworthy Recreation
2005-06Holt United
2006-07Westland Sports
2007-08Portland United
2008-09Portland United
2009-10Hamworthy Recreation
2010-11Hamworthy Recreation
2011-12Westland Sports
2012-13Portland United
2013-14Portland United
2014-15Hamworthy Recreation
2015-16Shaftesbury Town
2016-17Holt United
2017-18Hamworthy Recreation
2018-19Hamworthy Recreation
2019-20Season declared null and void
2020-21Season declared null and void

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