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Corinthian League

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One of a number of amateur leagues founed in the South East of England after World War II, the Corinthan League was eventually absorbed into the Atheninan League in 1963.


Divisional Champions

Season Champions
1945-46Grays Athletic
1946-47Walton & Hersham
1947-48Walton & Hersham
1948-49Walton & Hersham
1949-50Hounslow Town
1950-51Slough Town
1951-52Hounslow Town
1952-53Carshalton Athletic
1953-54Carshalton Athletic
1954-55Hounslow Town
1955-56Maidstone United
1957-58Maidenhead United
1960-61Maidenhead United
1961-62Maidenhead United

The F.C.H.D. has a complete set of Corinthian League tables, originally composed from an A.F.S. Publication of 1985.


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