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The league was formed in 1984, and had a 16-year existence before merging into the Hellenic League in 2000.


Divisional champions

SeasonSingle Division
1984-85 Holmer Green
In 1985, the league added a second division
SeasonDivision OneDivision Two
1985-86 Holmer Green Drayton Wanderers
1986-87 Coopers Payen Seer Green
The divisions were renamed in 1987.
SeasonPremier DivisionDivision One
1987-88 Finchampstead Henley Town
1988-89 Coopers Payen Mill End Sports
1989-90 Coopers Payen Binfield
1990-91 Peppard Letcombe
1991-92 Peppard Eton Wick
1992-93 Eton Wick Broadmoor Staff
1993-94 Holmer Green Slough Irish Society
1994-95 Reading Town Denham United
In 1995, a new Division Two was added
SeasonPremier DivisionDivision OneDivision Two
1995-96 Binfield Vansittart Wanderers Penn & Tylers Green reserves
1996-97 Denham United Eton Wick reserves Drayton Wanderers reserves
1997-98 AFC Wallingford Cippenham Village Henley Town reserves
1998-99 Eton Wick Finchampstead reserves Stocklake reserves
Division Two was dropped in 1999.
SeasonPremier DivisionDivision One
1999-00 Henley Town Eton Wick reserves

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