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Bristol Downs League

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The Bristol Downs League is unusual in that all matches are played on the same venue, Bristol Downs

It currently consists of four divisions


Recent Divisional Champions

Season Division One Division Two Division Three Division Four
2008-09 Sneyd Park Saints Old Boys Easton Cowboys reserves Sneyd Park "A"
2009-10 Sneyd Park Retainers Evergreen Jersey Rangers
2010-11 Sneyd Park Sneyd Park reserves Jersey Rangers Saints Old Boys reserves
2011-12 Torpedo Beachcroft LLP Saints Old Boys reserves Helios
2012-13 Sneyd Park Portland Old Boys Old Cliftonians Luccombe Garage
2013-14 Clifton St Vincents Sneyd Park reserves Easton Cowboys reserves Durdham Down Adult School
2014-15 Sneyd Park Torpedo reserves Old Elizabethans Old Corinthians reserves
2015-16 Torpedo Old Elizabethans Sneyd Park "A" Saints Old Boys "A"
2016-17 Sneyd Park Jersey Rangers Old Cliftonians res Jersey Rangers res
2017-18 Sneyd Park Sneyd Park res Sneyd Park "A" Cotham Old Boys
2018-19 Sneyd Park St Andrews (Bristol) Sneyd Park "A" APS

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