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Recent Divisional Champions

Season Premier Division Division Two Division Three
2006-07 Manxman Cabin End Rhoden Inn
2007-08 Clifton Rhoden Inn Oak Tree
2008-09 Clifton Prince of Wales Mill Hill
2009-10 The Ivy Hotel Blue Star Aqueduct
2010-11 Knuzden Islington Langho
2011-12 The Ivy Hotel Rishton United reserves Ossy Social

Division Three was dropped in 2012

Season Premier Division Division Two
2012-13 Hole I'Th Wall Rishton United reserves
2013-14 Risthon United The Ivy Veterans
2014-15 Hole I'Th Wall Cabin End
2015-16 The Ivy The Ivy Veterans

In 2016, Division Three was re-instated.

Season Premier Division Division Two Division Three
2016-17 Longshaw The Ivy Veterans Hole I'Th Wall
2017-18 The Ivy Veterans Beehive The Mill Hill Hotel
2018-19 Feniscowles & Pleasington res The Mill Hill Hotel Canine

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