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Formerly the Bath & District Saturday League, the league changed name to the Bath & North Somerset League in 2014 in an attempt to attract clubs from a wider area. Unfortunately that plan failed, and the league folded 12 months later.


Recent Divisional Champions

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two
2004-05 Bath University Odd Down reserves Saltford "A"
2005-06 Crown Sports University of Bath reserves Bath Arsenal
2006-07 University of Bath Civil Service Filos Civil Service Filos reserves
2007-08 University of Bath Dogtown Odd Down Moorfields
2008-09 Chew Valley Seniors Great Western WESA reserves
2009-10 University of Bath Bath Arsenal FC Von Essen
2010-11 Odd Down "A" Aces SSJ Civil Service Larkhall

Division Two was dropped in 2011

Season Premier Division Division One
2011-12 AFC Durbin United University of Bath reserves
2012-13 Odd Down "A" Newbridge

The league contracted again to just a single section in 2013

Season Champions
2013-14 Newbridge
2014-15 Newbridge

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