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Formed in 2002 as the merger of the Old Boys League and the Southern Olympian League

The league currently consists of numerous divisions

Recent Divisional Champions


Senior Section

Season Premier Division Senior Division One Senior Division Two Senior Division Three North Senior Division Three South
2012-13 Old Minchendenians Enfield Old Grammarians Shene Old Grammarians Mayfield Athletic Old Wokingians
2013-14 Old Hamptonians Old Ignatians Old Pauline Old Minchendians res Reigatians
2014-15 Old Hamptonians Old Thorntonians Old Minchendenians res Queen Mary College OB Old Meadonians res

Senior Division Two was split North/South in 2015

Season Premier Division Senior Division One Senior Division Two North Senior Division Two South Senior Division Three North Senior Division Three South
2015-16 Old Hamptonians Old Wokingians Park View Fulham Compton Old Boys Old Manorians Fitzwilliam Old Boys
2016-17 Old Meadonians Park View Queen Mary College OB Reigatians UCL Academicals res Old Hamptonians res
2017-18 Old Hamptonians Southgate Olympic Albanian Old Meadonians res Old Minchendenians res Econmicals res
2018-19 Old Hamptonians Fulham Compton OB Old Minchendenians Old Tenisonians Albanian res Old Sedcopians

Intermediate to Division Two

Season Intermediate North Intermediate South Division One North Division One South Division One West Division Two North Division Two South Division Two West
2012-13 Old Minchendenians res Reigatians Queen Mary College OB Citigroup Cardinal Manning OB Hale End Athletic 3rd Old Suttonians 3rd Hampstead Heathens res
2013-14 Queen Mary College OB Glyn Old Boys Old Edmontonians Economicals 4th Hampstead Heathens res Old Manorians res Glyn Old Boys West - discontinued -
2014-15 Old Salvatorians res Fitzwilliam OB Park View Worcester College OB - discontinued - Oakhill Tigers res Dorkinians res  
2015-16 Globe Ranngers Old Hamptonians res Oakhill Tigers res Royal Bank of Scotland res   Somerville Old Boys Old Pauline 3rd  
2016-17 Old Minchendians res New-Magdalen Bealonians 3rd London Welsh   Old Kingsburians Clapham Old Xaverians res  
2017-18 Old Uffingtonians Royal Bank of Scotland res Univ. of Hertfordshire Old Tenisonians   Mayfield Athletic Old Wokingians 3rd  
2018-19 Lea Valley Clissold Park Rangers Old Salvatorians 3rd Sinjuns Grammarians   Old Aloysians res Old Thorntonians 4th  

Division Three to Division Six

Season Division Three North Division Three South Division Four North Division Four South Division Five North Division Five South Division Six North Division Six South
2012-13 Old Parmiterians 5th Glyn OB res Parkfield 3rd Old Suttonians 4th UCL Academicals 5th Old Pauline 3rd Old Edmontonians 3rd John Fisher OB 4th
2013-14 Oakhill Tigers res Glyn Old Boys 3rd Old Edmontonians res Old Pauline 3rd Old Woodhouseians 3rd Old Suttonians 5th UCL Academicals 5th Heathrow Seniors
2014-15 Heathens Witan Somerville OB Old Tenisonians res Mill Hill Village Heathrow Seniors Queen Mary College OB 3rd Shene Old Grammarians res
2015-16 UCL Academicals 4th London Welsh Old Parmiterians 5th Old Guildfordians Oakhill Tigers 3rd Royal Sun Alliance Old Kingsburians res Old Sedcopians 3rd
2016-17 Old Parmiterians 5th Old Whitgiftian Old Kingsburians res Shene Old Grammarians res Wood Green OB res Glyn Old Boys 3rd Bealonians 5th Old Suttonians 6th
2017-18 Old Salvatorians 4th London Welsh res Parkfield Clapham Old Xaverians 3rd Bealonians 5th Old Suttonians 5th Old Salvatorians 5th Mickleham Old Boxhillians res
2018-19 Albanian 4th Old Sedcopians res Mill Hill Village res Old Suttonians 4th Old Parmiterians 7th Old Suttonians 5th Southgate County 3rd Glyn Old Boys 3rd

Division Seven to Division Ten

Season Division Seven North Division Seven South Division Eight North Division Eight South Division Nine North Division Nine South Division Ten North Division Ten South
2012-13 UCL Academicals 6th Shene Old Grammarians 3rd Old Kingsburians res Reigatians 4th Mayfield Athletic 3rd Sinjuns Grammarians 3rd Old Manorians 6th Wandsworth Borough 5th
2013-14 Old Woodhouseians 4th Reigatians 3rd Old Parmiterians 8th Old Meadonians 7th Old Manorians 6th Witan 3rd - discontinued - Old Thorntonians 5th
2014-15 Old Kingsburnians res Witan res Bealonians 5th London Welsh res Egbertian 5th Old Meadonians 9th   Dorkinians 4th
2015-16 Old Parmiterians 6th Old Grantonians Old Manorians 5th Old Suttonians 7th Bealonians 6th Brent 3rd   - discontinued -
2016-17 Univ. of Herts res Wandsworth Borough 4th Old Parmiterians 8th City of London 3rd - discontinued - - discontinued -    
2017-18 Old Parmiterians 9th Witan 3rd - discontinued - Reigatians 6th        
2018-19 Enfield Old Grammarians 4th Wandsworth Borough 5th - discontinued - Old Tenisonians 4th        

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