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Formed in 2005 as the merger of the Midland League and the Staffordshire County League, the league (as of 2017-18) runs three divisions.


Recent Divisional Champions

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two
2005-06 Hanley Town Stafford Rangers Stripes Chesterton
2006-07 Wolstanton United Congleton Vale Stretton Eagles
2007-08 Wolstanton United Stretton Eagles Barton United
2008-09 Foley Manor Inne Talbot Athletic
2009-10 Stretton Eagles Barton United Stretton Eagles reserves
2010-11 Ball Haye Green Audley MMU Cheshire
2011-12 Hanley Town Hanley Town reserves Audley & District reserves
2012-13 Hanley Town Uttoxeter Town Silverdale Athletic
2013-14 Wolstanton United MMU Cheshire Featherstone Prison

Division Two was split North/South in 2014.

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two North Division Two South
2014-15 Wolstanton United Leek CSOB Market Drayton Tigers Whittington reserves
2015-16 Leek CSOB Redgate Clayton reserves Eastwood Hanley Penkridge
2016-17 Abbey Hulton United Foley Meir OSSMA Blurton TTFC Shenstone Pathfinder reserves

In 2017, the two Division Two sections were merged.

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two

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