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The Liverpool County Premier League was formed in 2006 as a merger of the Liverpool County Combination and the I Zingari League

The league was formed with a Premier Division, Division One and Division Two, and this format has continued to this day, with the single exception of the 2009-10 season when Division Two as split into Northern and Southern Sections. The Premier Division is a Step 7 competition within the National League System.

One club, Waterloo Dock, have dominated the league, winning the Premier Division title in the first five seasons since formation


Divisional Champions

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two
2006-07 Waterloo Dock South Liverpool REMYCA United
2007-08 Waterloo Dock Aigburth Peoples Hall Sacre Couer Former Pupils
2008-09 Waterloo Dock Albany Athletic Halewood Town

In 2009, Division Two was split North/South

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two North Division Two South
2009-10 Waterloo Dock Essemmay Old Boys Pinewoods Alumni

The Division Two sections were re-merged in 2010

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two
2010-11 Waterloo Dock Croxteth Liverpool North
2011-12 Aigburth Peoples Hall West Everton Xaviers Kingsley United
2012-13 West Everton Xaviers Kingsley United The Famous Grapes
2013-14 Aigburth Peoples Hall Liver Academy Litherland REMYCA reserves
2014-15 Aigburth Peoples Hall Waterloo GSOB Leyfield

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