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Recent Divisional Champions (Incomplete List)

Season Senior Division Division One Division Two Division Three Division Four Division Five Division Six
2003-04 Fishponds Athletic Talbot Knowle Avonmouth Village Chipping Sodbury res Soundwell Victoria Longshore res Soundwell Victoria res
2004-05 Patchway Town res Sea Mills Park res Hillfields OB res Soundwell Victoria Greyfriars Athletic res Frys "B" Eden Grove
2005-06 Talbot Knowle Avonmouth Village Lawrence Rovers Greyfriars Athletic res Hallen "B" Eden Grove Longwell Green Sports "B"
2006-07 Avonmouth Village Soundwell Victoria Roman Glass St George "A" Old Sodbury Brislington Cricketers Shaftesbury Crusaders "A" Bradley Stoke Town
2007-08 Longwell Green Sports res Chipping Sodbury Town res Old Sodbury Brislington Cricketers Hanham Athletic "A" Impact Squad Portville Warriors
2008-09 Lawrence Rovers Old Sodbury Seymour United res Eden Grove Bradley Stoke Town Henbury "B" Southmead Community Sports
2009-10 Made For Ever Brislington Cricketers Eden Grove DRG Stapleton res St George Rangers Soundwell Victoria Patchway North End
2010-11 Old Sodbury Eden Grove DRG Stapleton res Portville Warriors Soundwell Victoria Real Thornbury Sea Mills Park res
2011-12 Brislington Cricketers Warmley Saints Portville Warriors Lebeq reserves Real Thornbury Sea Mills Park res Broadlands
2012-13 Sea Mills Park AEK Boco res Totterdown United res Real Thornbury South Bristol Central Old Sodbury res Rangeworthy res
2013-14 AEK Boco reserves Hambrook Real Thornbury Stapleton Highridge United res Stapleton Orient Stapleton res
2014-15 Talbot Knowle United Bradley Stoke Town Stapleton Hillfields OB Staple Hill Orient Stoke Lane Yate Athletic res

In 2015, Division Six was dropped.

Season Senior Division Division One Division Two Division Three Division Four Division Five
2015-16 Chipping Sodbury Town res Stapleton Hillfield Old Boys Stoke Lane Rangeworthy res Winterbourne United "A"
2016-17 Stapleton Hillfields Old Boys Yate Athletic Lawrence Rovers De Veys res Hillfields Old Boys res
2017-18 Iron Acton AEK Boco "A" Bendix University of Bristol Hillfields Old Boys res Stokeside

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